Business & Nonprofit Support

Mayor’s Recommendations for Workplaces

The City of Fishers is recommending the following guidelines for workplaces: 

  • Identify staff that are essential to the daily operations of your business
  • Identify alternative work locations and operational procedures
  • Review current sick policies to mitigate implicates of sick leave (i.e. paid sick time, unlimited sick time, etc.) 
    • If schools close, determine childcare options for working parents
  • Change large meetings to conference calls
  • Cancel non-essential travel for your staff
  • Practice social distancing to reduce exposure in large groups (no shaking hands, etc.)

Travel Restriction

 Currently, travel in Fishers is only permitted for the following reasons:

  • Medical: This includes picking up medications or medical supplies, travel to and from doctor’s appointments, etc.
  • Caregiving: To provide care to another for whom you’re the primary caregiver. This includes dropping off/picking up children from childcare, travel to care for elderly parents, taking food and supplies to others, etc.
  • Mandatory work activities: If your workplace is requiring that you come to work, this would be considered a mandatory work activity.
  • Food & Essentials: Travel for food, groceries, medication, essential household goods, and hygiene products. This includes travel to restaurants and groceries to pick up food items, etc.

This restriction does not impact travel related to food delivery or the resupply of retail stores, pharmacies, and food pantries. Residents are not restricted from walking, jogging, biking, or outdoor activities at Fishers parks.