Morning Call Network

Morning Call Network for Seniors

The Fishers Police Department manages the Morning Call Network, a telephone reassurance program for seniors in the Fishers community. This program provides a unique service to senior citizens who live alone, are disabled, or homebound by providing them with a daily telephone call to check in and let them know that someone cares.

Steps for the program include:

  1. Senior citizens residing or visiting Fishers must complete all enrollment/registration forms to enroll. For more information, contact Lt. Dave Dunbar by email or at 317-595-3300.
  2. Once the forms are complete, a volunteer will call subscribers at the time and days they select (between 8 - 11 a.m.).
  3. When the call is answered, the volunteer will verify the well-being of the subscriber. If the volunteer receives a busy signal, they will automatically retry the number at specified intervals.
  4. If no answer is received, alert procedures will go into effect. The emergency contact person and/or any designated medical emergency company contacts will be called and asked to check on the individual.
  5. If the emergency contacts are unsuccessful, the Fishers Police Department dispatch number will be called to request a patrol officer to check on the senior at the address listed on the enrollment form.

Calls may be suspended for periods of time for vacations or certain days at the discretion of the senior; however, notification of any suspension must be provided to the Fishers Police Department Morning Call Network representative at least 48 hours prior to the suspension period. Failure to do so may result in a termination of the enrollment contract and services. For more information, view the Safety Link Brochure.


The program is free and may include additional services as the program grows. Any expansion or change in services will be provided to all enrolled seniors.

To enroll, please contact Lt. Dave Dunbar by email or at 317-595-3300. A volunteer will set up an appointment and visit to your home at your convenience to answer all of your questions and assist you in completing the necessary forms. If you know of a group of seniors interested in enrolling, we will gladly set up an appointment to make a presentation at your location.