The City of Fishers is consistently recognized as a Best Place to Live and is known for being smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial. One of the fastest growing area in Indiana the City prides itself on having a qualified, professional staff dedicated to serving the community. We believe our employee benefits convey a commitment to a quality work-life balance and employee fulfillment.

Automatic Benefits

Paid Time Off (PTO)
Full-time employees earn 1.5 PTO days a month during the first five years of employment. This equates to 18 paid days off per year for civilian employees.

Sick Leave
Employees have available to them an unlimited amount of sick time to be used for their personal illness or injury in lieu of short-term disability. Usage is tracked via an occasion system in order to prevent abuse.

Paid Holidays
The City offers 11 to 12 paid holidays each year, including election days, day after Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve.

Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF)
Employees are automatically enrolled in PERF. The City pays 100% of civilian employee contributions (or 10% of annual salary, 13% overall).

Long Term Disability
Employees are provided with long-term disability benefits which pays 60% of your salary after 90 days and determination of disability.

Life Insurance
Employees are automatically provided a $50,000 life insurance policy.

Confidential Counseling Services
The Life Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a counseling and referral service designed to help employees and their families overcome personal problems including alcohol & drug abuse, anxiety, depression, family conflicts, financial/legal concerns, marital or relationship issues, school problems, and stress. This service is provided by the city at no cost to employees.

On-Site Workout Facility
Employees and their spouse have access to an on-site exercise gym featuring free weights, nautilus machines, treadmills and stair masters. Membership discounts are also offered by many local fitness centers including the Fishers YMCA.

Health Insurance Benefits (effective your first day of employment)

Bi-Weekly, Pre-tax Payroll Deduction:

Employee Only: $20.57
Employee + Child(ren): $71.51
Employee + Spouse: $78.83
Family: $130.77

Health Savings Account:
The City historically has contributed to employees' Health Savings Account (HSA):
$1,000/employee + dependent(s)

Deductible: $1500/individual, $3000/employee + dependent(s)
Coinsurance: 100% after deductible is met

On-Site Medical Center
This facility is available at no cost to employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the City's health insurance program. The medical center offers primary and wellness type care as well as a variety of prescription drugs, lab tests, and physical therapy services.

On-Site Physical Therapy
This service is available at no cost to employees and their dependents who are enrolled in the City's health insurance plan.

Other Benefits Available (Offered by the City at the employee's expense)

457(b) Pre-Tax Retirement Program
Enables employees to set aside pre-tax payroll deducted dollars for retirement.

Supplemental Life Insurance
New employees may purchase additional life insurance above and beyond the automatic $50,000 policy through the City. Also offers life insurance options for family members.

Supplemental Health Insurance
Offered through AFLAC; provides dental, personal recovery, intensive care, cancer and accident insurance.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending
Flex spending enables employees to reimburse themselves for dependent care expenses using pre-tax payroll deducted dollars.

Tuition Reimbursement Program
Upon completing one year of service, employees actively pursuing a job related associate, bachelor's or master's degree may apply for tuition reimbursement of up to $1000 per course and $5250 per year.

CollegeChoice 529 Plan
Indiana's own 529 college savings plan can help you save for college with a 20% tax credit (up to $1,000 per year).