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Bid Title: Spark!Fishers 5K Walk/Run
Category: Parks
Status: Closed



The City of Fishers, Hamilton County, Indiana (“City”) solicits proposals from qualified firms (“Respondent(s)”) to produce the City’s first annual Spark!Fishers 5K Walk/Run on Saturday, June 30, 2018 (the “Event”).

The selected Respondent shall enter into a professional services agreement (“Agreement”) with the City to design a 5K walk/run course to begin and end along a mutually agreed upon route in the Nickel Plate District. Proposals shall include all labor, equipment, materials, and other miscellaneous items necessary to provide a first-class event for families and participants for a city of approximately 89,000 people. Proposals must also include multiple proposed routes for the 5K Walk/Run.

The selected Respondent agrees to perform all services  in accordance with all local and state laws and regulations, shall provide sufficient personnel at along all parts of the course, and shall obtain all licenses and permits necessary for the Event.

All proposals should be delivered to the City of Fishers Parks & Recreation Department at 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers IN 46037 and emailed to . Proposal must be delivered no later than 11:00 AM EST on February 14, 2018. The City of Fishers Parks & Recreation Department will consider all proposals submitted which meet or exceed the specifications set forth herein. The City may award this RFP based upon the factors stated herein.  The City may reject all proposals.


Proposals for the goods and/or services described in the Statement of Intent must be submitted with one hard copy and one electronic copy to the following contact no later than the indicated time and date:

CONTACT NAME: Jordan Patterson, Special Events Manager

ADDRESS: 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers IN, 46037

TIME: 11:00 AM

DATE: February 14, 2018


The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals at its absolute discretion. All Offers are subject to the laws of the State of Indiana.


The City of Fishers (“City”) will be hosting its first annual 5K Walk/Run (“Event”) as part of a weekend-long festival, Spark!Fishers, celebrating Independence Day with the best of Fishers food, entertainment, and community. Spark!Fishers is an all-ages friendly event intended to celebrate the history and future of Fishers in a fun, interactive way.  In addition to music and family activities taking place over the course of the weekend, a 5K walk/run has been scheduled to take place on June 30, 2018 to begin and end along a mutually agreed upon route in the Nickel Plate District.

The City formally solicits proposals from qualified firms (“Respondent(s)) to produce the City’s first annual Spark!Fishers 5K Walk/Run that provides a distinctive, positive experience for all race participants – including tangible steps to be inclusive of runners, walkers, children, seniors, and participants with physical disabilities.


  • Race and Event Logistics
    • Respondent shall effectively and efficiently manage all logistical components of the Event, including development of race routes, race themes, operational needs, and public safety.  
    • Respondent shall allow for on-line registration managed by the City
    • Respondent shall secure location for packet pick up the evening before the event and provide any required manpower.   
  • Rain Make-Up Date
    • In case of inclement weather, the Event shall be rescheduled to Sunday, July 1st, 2018.
  • 5K Walk/Run Route
    • Proposals shall include multiple race route options, each totaling 5K. Formal race routes shall be developed with the assistance of the Fishers Police Department and other City personnel as assigned.
    • Proposed race routes must start or end in the Nickel Plate District, generally defined as the area located within Commercial Drive to the east, Sunblest Boulevard to the north, Holland Drive to the west, and South Street to the south. The final route shall be mutually agreed upon by all parties, with the City having final authorization. The City is open to multiple routes.
  • Fees
    • All proposals shall contain an itemized listing of fees associated with the production of the Event, with the City having final say on all proposed fees.
    • Proposals shall include promotional item options, so that race participants receive a goody bag or equivalent at packet pick up, as well as awards for top race finishers. Medals for all participants are to be provided by the Respondent. 
    • Respondent may charge users an entry fee for participating in the Event. All entry fees charged shall be retained by Respondent, and fee amounts shall be mutually agreed upon by Respondent and City.
    • T-shirts for participants are provide by Respondent. However, logos are to be approved by the City to insure branding is consistent with Spark!Fishers.
  • Public Safety
    • The City, as a sponsor of the Event, will provide in-kind services for required City of Fishers Police and Fire Services related to the Event. Proposals shall include plans for coordination with all public safety offices in the City, including proposed meeting timelines and placement of public safety personnel along routes and in the Nickel Plate District.
  • Music 
    • The Respondent shall provide music and entertainment in the park and along race routes to entertain race participants.
  • Theme
    • Proposals shall include multiple themes from which the City may select from. Theme options must be all-ages appropriate. Examples include: Disney characters, Color Runs, Stars and Stripes
  • Provision of Labor and Equipment by Contractor
    • The Respondent shall furnish all labor, equipment, supplies, personnel and supervision to provide the Event. The Respondent shall provide a crew of experienced event producers to set up and execute the event, and remove all supplies and equipment after the event has concluded.
  • Marketing, Promotions, and Sponsorship
    • City shall be solely responsible for soliciting and obtaining all sponsorships related to the Event. Respondent understands that 100% of all marketing, promotional, and sponsorship monies shall exclusively be retained by the City.
    • Proposals shall include a marketing and communications plan to include media partnerships, email, website, social media, and printed materials that provides messaging specific to the Event, a timeline for releasing such materials, and a plan for coordinating with the City.
  • Cleanup of Route and Occupied Area 
    • The Respondent must clean up all areas occupied by the event, including the walk/run route, registration area(s), and any other areas deemed necessary by the City of Fishers to the satisfaction of the City. A representative of the Respondent, along with representatives from the City, will be required to visually inspect the all affected areas at the conclusion of the Event to determine that the Respondent has satisfactorily cleaned the area.
  • Compliance with Laws
    • The Respondent shall be required to obtain, at the Respondent’s expense, all permits, give all necessary notices, pay all license fees, and comply with all local, state, and federal rules and regulations, ordinances and statutes that shall apply.
  • References
    • Respondent must provide a minimum of five (5) references of current or recently completed projects containing the name and telephone numbers of contact persons, including at least one customer similar in size and complexity as the City.


The selected Respondent shall enter into a professional services agreement with the City that at a minimum will provide (a) that the selected Respondent shall fully indemnify the City for this Event (the City will not provide the same indemnity to the Respondent), (b) that the Respondent shall insure the Event and name the City as an additional insured and (c) that the Respondent obtains a release from all participants and provide City with copies prior to race. The Agreement is subject to approval by the City’s Board of Public Works and Safety.


All proposals should be delivered to the City of Fishers Parks & Recreation Department at 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers IN 46037 and emailed to . Proposal must be delivered no later than 11:00 AM EST on February 14, 2018. Respondents must submit both a hard copy and electronic copy before the deadline. All late proposals shall be rejected.

Questions & Requests for Clarification

Respondents must refrain from communicating with any City official, employee, agent, or representative regarding this RFP.  All communication and requests for information and clarifications shall be made via e-mail correspondence to the following address: . No oral requests will be considered. No requests for additional information or clarification to any person other than the e-mail address provided in this section will be considered. Failure to abide by this section may result in disqualification from the procurement process. 

All questions and requests for clarification must be submitted on or before February 8, 2018 at 5:00 PM EST.  Answers to questions deemed appropriate for response by the City, in its sole discretion, will be provided within a reasonable time by disclosing the question(s) and answer(s) on the City’s website. Respondents shall be responsible for checking the City website.  The City may rephrase questions as it deems appropriate and may consolidate similar questions.   


The selection, negotiation and award of an agreement for the Event shall be based upon information and data provided by Respondents in response to the formal RFP. The City may award a contract to the Respondent that presents the best proposal incorporating all elements outlined by the Scope of Proposal requirements.


All proposals will be evaluated on the basis of many factors including, but not limited to, price, features, and options as equipped or proposed, productivity, service availability, past performance, customer relations, and other factors deemed pertinent by the City. Following the receipt of the RFP responses, the City reserves the right to conduct discussions with one more of the Respondents. The City will select a Respondent to enter into an Agreement with the City, which Agreement will be subject to approval by the City of Fishers Board of Public Works & Safety. The issuance of this RFP does not commit or bind the City to enter into a contract or proceed with the procurement process. 


  • January 30, 2018: RFP Issued

  • February 8, 2018: Last day for RFP questions

  • February 10, 2018: Responses to RFP questions posted on City of Fishers Website

  • February 14, 2018: Proposals Due by 11:00AM

  • February 19, 2018 - March 2, 2018: Potential interviews

  • March 12, 2018: Board of Works Proposal Approval

  • March 13, 2018: City Enters Professional Services Agreement with Selected Vendor

This timeline is for illustration purposes only and should not be construed as binding; except that all RFP responses shall be submitted by or before February 14, 2018. The City assumes no obligations, responsibilities, or liabilities to reimburse all or part of the costs incurred by parties responding to this RFP, which shall be borne solely and exclusively by each Respondent.

Addenda to the RFP

The City reserves the right to issue written addenda to this RFP (each, an "Addendum" or "Addenda") at any time before the RFP Submission Deadline and will post any addenda on its Website. These Addenda will be numbered consecutively. Any Addenda shall constitute a part of this RFP. All RFP Responses shall be prepared with full consideration of the Addenda issued prior to the RFP Submission Deadline. Each Respondent is solely responsible to ensure that it has received all Addenda issued by the City. Respondents should monitor the City Website for information concerning this procurement. 


Please forward questions and/or completed proposals to:

Jordan Patterson, Special Events Manager
City of Fishers Parks & Recreation Department


Publication Date/Time:
1/31/2018 12:00 a.m.
Closing Date/Time:
2/14/2018 11:00 a.m.
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