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Special Event Permit Application

  1. Special Event Permit

    The purpose of this application is to provide for the issuance of special event permits to regulate events on the public streets, rights-of-ways, parks, and public property of Fishers and to provide for fees, charges, and procedures required to administer the permit process for all Fishers Special Events. Such events are outside of the usual and expected use of public streets, right-of-ways, and public property. This policy does not apply to requests for building and shelter rentals located in Fishers Parks, unless the facility(s) is in conjunction with a larger special event. Any such requests for building and shelter rentals should contact the Parks and Recreation Department at 317-595-3150 for a separate application. This policy does not apply to private property unless the event significantly impacts public right-of-way or property (determination of impact on right-of-way or property is at the complete discretion of Fishers). All other private property requests should be directed to the Community Development Department at 317-595-3120 for a separate application.

  2. Questions?

    Contact Jordan Patterson, Manager of Special Events at, 317-595.3149 or 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers, IN 46037

  3. General Event Information

  4. Tier III Events require a 60 day notice and Tier IV Events require a 90 day notice.

  5. Does your event occur over multiple days?*

  6. Please provide all relevant information you believe the city should be aware of (e.g. primary location(s), purpose, likely demographics, target audience, estimated attendance, roads & path uses, etc.).

  7. What Tier-Level is your event?*

    Please visit the "Plan Your Event" page if you need assistance determining your tier-level. Fishers Administration Department has the final authority in determining a specific event’s tier level.

  8. 60 Day Notice Required; Permit Required

    If my event is not at least 60 days from today's date I understand that Fishers may deny my application or require me to change my event date.

  9. 90 Day Notice Required; Permit Required

    If my event is not at least 90 days from today's date I understand that Fishers may deny my application or require me to change my event date.



    The individual, group, or organization that is organizing, planning, and putting on most or all of the event - the host pays for all associated fees with the event.

  12. Is this an...*

  13. Is this a Non-Profit?*

    If a business or for-profit institution wishes to organize an event all costs incurred by the Fishers must be reimbursed by the business or institution.

  14. Does this event have any sponsors?*

    Sponsors are defined as one or more entities who are providing either a monetary or any in-kind contribution towards the event.

  15. Fees

    Host(s) and/or sponsor(s) of any events requiring the use of public services and/or defined as a special event, held in Fishers or in Hamilton County, affecting Fishers, may be required to pay (payable to Fishers) for any fees or service charges as deemed necessary and appropriate by Fishers. Fees and service charges will be assessed and billed at the appropriate time in relation to the event. The applicant will be notified of any cost after staff review. Staff requires a minimum three hour payment commitment. Also, even events that are "free to the public" will be assessed and charged the usual fees.

  16. Do you have a contract/agreement with Saxony and are you willing to share this with Fishers?

  17. Will you be using the beach at Saxony?

  18. Saxony Beach Use Waiver Agreement

    I understand and agree that I must complete and submit to Fishers the Saxony Beach Use Waiver prior to my event.

  19. Are you using the stage?

  20. What is your event type?

  21. What type of music will your event be using?

  22. Are you using in-house production?

  23. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  24. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  25. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  26. Enter "0" if none needed

  27. Do you have a licensed electrician?

    If you answer no, the City will provide an electrician at the applicants cost ($23.92 per hour with a 4 hour minimum).

  28. How is equipment being brought into the area?

  29. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  30. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  31. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  32. Type of recording?

  33. Enter "N/A" if not applicable

  34. Are you part of or affiliated with the Southeastern Program of Recreational Sports (S.P.O.R.T.S)?

    If no, please contact the Parks and Recreation Department at (317) 595-3150 to check availability.

  35. Before you submit this Application you must first contact S.P.O.R.T.S. at (317) 845-5582.


  37. Does your event also include private property?*

  38. Agreement to Obtain Permission

    Prior to applying for a Special Event Permit with Fishers I agree to obtain permission from any and all private property owners for any use of their property. If plans change after Town approval and additional/different private property is desired for use, I agree to obtain such permission from the property owner(s) prior to use of the property.

  39. Responsibility Agreement

    I agree to claim full responsibility for any and all damage or mishaps to such private property as a result of my event.

  40. Have you determined how area residents & businesses will be notified of possible impacts as a result of your event (e.g. street closures, parking restrictions, etc.)? *

  41. Depending on the location, size, and type of your event the city may deny your permit until you provide sufficient proof that you have notified all residents and businesses that are directly impacted by your event.


  43. Will you be requesting to place banners in City Right-of-Ways?*

  44. Have you reviewed the Banner Policy and Requirements?

  45. Banners may only be located on the approved corner or area of the designated locations.

  46. Banners may be set up no more than two (2) weeks prior to your Event.

  47. Banners must be removed within 24 hours after the Event.

  48. Are you planning on placing banners or signs on private property?*

    You must comply with Chapter 158 of the city's Code of Ordinances. If yes, please call the Community Development Office at (595) 317-3120.

  49. EVENT DETAILS - Miscellaneous

  50. Will admission fees, entry fees, fees for food or merchandise, or other fees be charged?*

  51. Will food be served?*

  52. Do you plan to have mobile concessions on site or included as part of your event? *

    Mobile concessions include food trucks and food trailers.

  53. Vendors must obtain and submit required documents and comply with Chapter 117 of the Fishers Code.

    As my event will be providing mobile concessions (defined by Fishers as food trucks and trailers) I agree to comply with Chapter 117 of the Fishers Code and will ensure that EACH VENDOR obtains and submits all required documents including those that may be required by the Hamilton County Health Department. These documents include but are not limited to: (1) Fishers Parks and Recreation Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for mobile concessions; (2) proof of ServSafe certification; (3) proof of general liability insurance ($1,000,000); and (4) Hamilton County Health Department Permit.

  54. Have you or your vendor(s) obtained a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fishers per Chapter 117 of the Fishers Code?

    If no, you or your vendor(s) will need to obtain an MOU with Fishers in order to conduct business in the proposed location.

  55. Will there be any items left overnight?*

  56. Will water hookup be needed?*

  57. 2014 Estimated Fees for Various Public Works Services:

    Reflective Cones - $0.33/day; A-Frame Barricade - $1.00/day; 8' Type 3 Barricade - $2.80/day; 12' Type 3 Barricade - $4.50/day; Construction Barrel- $0.50/day; Water Filled Jersey Walls - $85.00/day; Cattle Fence - $50.00/section/day; Arrow Board - $40.00/day; Message Board - $235.00/day; Light Tower - $115.00/day; Temporary Signage - $20.00/day; Pickup/Dump Truck - $57.94/hour; CDL Truck - $86.91/hour; Backhoe/Loader - $106.86/hour; Skidsteer - $45.00/hour; Labor During Event - $10.25/hour to $23.10/hour (depending on availability & task); Mobilization/Demobilization Charges - $250.00


  59. Will you provide parking control staff?*

  60. Include the number of parking control staff you will be providing.

  61. Will you provide portable restrooms?*

  62. Are you providing a trash dumpster and/or trash cans or event boxes?*

  63. Will you need electricity?*

  64. Expected loads/amps, needs, # of outlets, etc.


  66. Will city streets need to be closed?*

  67. Will road closure signage be posted?

  68. Road Closure Signage Agreement

    Applicants will be required to post road closure and restriction signage at least 2 weeks in advance of the road closing at the specific road that will be closed. Applicants are responsible for notifying any affected Homeowner's Associations (HOA's).

  69. Detail Map Included?

    Applicants desiring to close a street, whether public or private, must submit a site map with the application showing barricade locations and notation that the barricade is easily removable for emergency access. The proposed street and/or right-of-way closings, must maintain ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) standards and requirements for public right of way and property.

  70. Please do not copy/paste website links. Only file uploads can be viewed by City staff.

  71. Is an alternate route/event map included?

  72. Please do not copy/paste website links. Only file uploads can be viewed by City staff.


  74. Will you have private security personnel on site?*

  75. Include the reason for and the number of private security staff you will be providing.

  76. Will you need City of Fishers Police services?*

  77. What is the reason for needing City of Fishers Police Services (i.e. traffic, security, both, etc.)?

  78. Will alcohol be allowed at your event?*

    All Local, State and Federal alcohol laws apply.

  79. Alcohol Statement

    The City of Fishers will allow alcohol at certain events on city property or rights-of-way provided it is properly reviewed and approved through this special event application. To be approved you must obtain all permits necessary and comply with all Local, State, and Federal laws concerning alcohol.


  81. Will tents be erected?*

  82. Tents greater than 10 x 10 will require additional inspections from the Town.

  83. Will outdoor staging equipment be erected/used?*

  84. Will you need EMS/Fire service?*

  85. Who will be providing EMS/Fire service

  86. Please include name and location of the private company you will be using.

  87. Will you be using Fireworks?*

  88. Fireworks displays are regulated by Indiana State Code as well as City Code Chapter 99 and may require additional regulations as set forth by the Town Fire & Emergency Services Chief. Such regulations will be provided in the approval conditions.

  89. Indiana Amusement and Entertainment Permit*

    If your event requires an Indiana Amusement and Entertainment Permit you must provide the city with proof of submission. You can obtain a copy of the permit at


  91. Emergency Contact Information

    In case of emergency, a person from your organization must be identified and able to make emergency decisions for the event such as evacuation. If you need assistance with your emergency plan please contact Division Chief Mark Elder of the Fire and Emergency Services Department at (317) 595-3200.

  92. Is the Emergency Contact the Same as the Primary Contact?

  93. Will Shelters be available?*


  95. Additional Insured

    To protect property, people, and the city's liability, a current policy naming the City of Fishers as an additional insured for the amount of $1,000,000 or more may be required depending on the risk to property, people or equipment, and the city's liability for Tier III and IV level events. For lower risk events, the city may choose to require only proof of insurance from the event requester. The City of Fishers reserves the right to request a higher or lower amount of insurance from the applicant's provider whether for the proof of insurance or listing the city as an additional insured. The Certificate of Insurance must show insurance limits that illustrate coverage of combined single limits to cover bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury. For requests of city equipment in Tier I and Tier II events, the applicant must provide proof of insurance up to the cost to replace the equipment. The Certificate of Insurance ensures the Town of Fishers will not be held liable for any incidents. The Certificate of Insurance (showing insurance limits, combined single limits to cover bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury) along with the Agreement to Defend, Indemnify, and Hold Harmless, is required to ensure that the City of Fishers is not held responsible for any incidents of lawsuits that are directly or indirectly related to the Special Event. In addition, applicants must provide Workers' Compensation for their employees (including paid and volunteer) and insurance covering their equipment and materials. The City of Fishers must be provided with the signed ACORD form from your insurance agent. You may upload a copy below or email a copy to Jordan Patterson at

  96. If necessary, do you have the ability to obtain this insurance?*

  97. Is this a S.P.O.R.T.S. affiliated event?*

  98. Additional Insured Agreement

    I certify that this is a S.P.O.R.T.S. affiliated event and that S.P.O.R.T.S. will cover the event as an additional insured for the Town of Fishers.


  100. Fee Notice*

    Applicant(s) and/or sponsor(s), of any events requiring the use of public services and/or defined as a special event, held in the City of Fishers, or in Hamilton County, affecting the City of Fishers may be required to pay (payable to the City of Fishers) for any fees or service charges as deemed necessary and appropriate by the City of Fishers. Fees and service charges will be due at the time of application approval before the permit is issued. The applicant will be notified of any cost after staff review. City staff requires a minimum three hour payment commitment.

  101. Costs Incurred by City*

    If a business or for-profit institution wishes to organize an event all costs incurred by the city must be reimbursed by the business or institution.

  102. City's Non-Smoking Policy*

    Per Municipal Code Chapter 35 smoking of any shape or form is not permitted on any city property at any time. This would include any city streets that are located on Real Property, such as Municipal Drive.

  103. City's Responsibility Statement*

    The applicant shall remain responsible for any and all equipment and materials not owned by the city. The organizer shall remain full responsibility for all damage, theft, or other mishap of city property if found to be at fault. This can include but is not limited to failure to place event road closure signs at least two (2) weeks before an event along the event route. This also includes acts of concern or failure to act as instructed by or through the City of Fishers policies, procedures, or staff. The city will seek compensation as applicable through the event organizer's insurance company or other method(s) as determined appropriate by the City of Fishers.

  104. ADA Policy Agreement*

    Special events on City of Fishers property are required to meet the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards for accessibility. Please check the box below to confirm that you have been made aware of the ADA requirement and agree to provide a barrier-free event.

  105. Agreement to Defend, Indemnify, and Hold Harmless*

    In consideration for use of the Premises I (Applicant) hereby agree to hold harmless, defend, and indemnify the City of Fishers (Fishers) from any and all claims or cause of action asserted by any person or entity, including, but not limited to, any claim or cause of action for loss or damage due to negligence, misconduct, malfeasance, or misfeasance by Fishers or Applicant resulting from or arising out of Applicant's use of the Premises whether such loss or damage is suffered or sustained by Applicant directly, its employees, agents, officials, principals, contractors or related entities or any third-party, person or corporation who may seek to hold Fishers liable, and irrespective shall include, and is not limited to, reimbursement of Fishers for claims, settlements, litigation, and related expenses, including its attorneys' fees, which may be imposed upon, incurred by, or asserted against Fishers or for which Fishers may be held or become liable.

  106. Government Permits*

    You must obtain all Federal, State, Local or any other government permits, as necessary.


  108. Do you have additional files you would like to upload?*

    Proposed site plans, maps, routes, etc.


  110. Special Event Permit Denial Policy*

    If applicant(s) fail to submit the Special Event Permit application or Banners Request within the time frame required, the City of Fishers reserves the right to deny the Special Event Permit application or Banners Request. In addition, the city reserves the right to deny a Special Event Permit for any reason. Permit denial is at the discretion of the city of Fishers.

  111. Agreement of Terms and Electronic Signature*

    By checking the box below and hitting submit you are acknowledging your agreement with the terms stated in this document and further certifying that checking the box counts as an electronic signature. Your electronic signature is considered legally binding the same as signing your physical signature by hand (IC 26-2-8).

  112. Questions

    Contact Sarah Sandquist at; Phone: (317) 595-3150; Address: 11565 Brooks School Road, Fishers, IN 46037

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