Swimming Pools

Fishers Health Department’s mission is to minimize the spread of disease and prevent injuries and drownings at public and semi-public swimming pools and spas. The program licenses and routinely inspects public semi-public pools to ensure compliance with state and local regulations. Environmental health specialists assist in educating pool operators on proper pool management and safety.   


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*If you have already received your 2020 permit from the Hamilton County Health Department, submit your permit and you will be issued a Fishers Health Department Permit. If you have not yet received your permit from the county, submit your information or county permit application, and you will be issued a permit from the Fishers Health Department. If you have not yet had your annual inspection through the county, you will be contacted in the coming weeks to schedule your annual inspection through the Fishers Health Department.*

Weekly Pool Sample Submissions

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ISDH COVID-19 Pool Recommendations
Indiana Certified Microbiology Laboratories
FAQs Swimming Pools
ISDH Swimming Pool Rules (410 IAC 6-2.1)
CDC Guidelines: Hot Tubs & Spas
CDC Guidelines: Operating Public Swimming Pools


Pool Injury Illness Form
Pool Contamination Incident Record
Swimming Pool Record of Operation