NPT Tunnel FAQs

When will the tunnel be open?
The construction of the tunnel beneath 116th Street is an exciting step for the Nickel Plate Trail project. The current development surrounding the downtown portion of the trail is still under construction, preventing the full opening of the trail and tunnel in downtown Fishers. The tunnel is estimated to be open for pedestrian use in Spring 2022 as the downtown development project concludes.

What’s happening with the Nickel Plate Bar & Grill?
The building of the former Nickel Plate Bar & Grill is being preserved during the construction process of the downtown development project. The City’s goal is to keep this building as a restaurant, now with a prominent new location alongside the trail.

How is the Nickel Plate Trail project being funded?
The City of Fishers is using a variety of traditional infrastructure improvement funding methods including bonds and Parks operating budgets. Additionally, the City is seeking state and federal grants to support the completion of the trail.

What is the cost for Fishers’ portion of the Nickel Plate Trail?
To date, the asphalt trail from 106th Street to South Street and from North Street to 131st, including crossings, has cost approximately $3.25 million. The ongoing work in downtown from South Street to North Street, including the tunnel, is projected to cost approximately $13.75 million.   

What are the different phases of the NPT construction in Fishers?

• Phase 1: 106th Street to 131st Street, not including the downtown area from South Street to North Street, was completed in late 2020.

• Phase 2: The downtown portion of the NPT including the pedestrian tunnel at 116th Street is estimated to be complete in Spring 2022.

• Future Phases: Portions of 96th to 106th Street (including a crossing at 96th Street) and from 131st to 146th Street will be completed as future funding sources are identified.

How can I stay up to date with the project?
Sign up to receive email updates here and follow along with @DriveFishers on Twitter for updates. Check back to this page throughout the construction for updates and current construction photos.