COVID-19 Guidance and Recommendations

Fishers Health Department recommends following CDC's COVID-19 Community Levels and Preventions Strategies for individual- and household-level behaviors to protect against COVID-19, and CDC's isolation and quarantine guidance below for those with, or exposed to, COVID-19.

Below is CDC's guidance on quarantine and when to isolate if you are symptomatic with, or tested positive for, COVID-19, how to notify your close contacts about potential exposure to COVID-19, and when to quarantine. Please note that guidelines for K-12 schools and childcare centers follow different criteria. The Indiana Department of Health no longer recommends contact tracing or quarantining for early childhood education centers (ECE) and K-12 students. Students positive with COVID-19 are still required to isolate for at least five days.

If you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, get tested.

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Reporting results of testing

Laboratories performing COVID19 testing must follow all applicable laws regarding reporting of test results. For more information, please refer to the Indiana Department of Health. At-home test results do not have a reporting requirement. If you test positive, please follow the guidance below on notifying your contacts and isolating.  

Notify Your Close Contacts If You Test Positive for COVID-19

  • A close contact is someone who has been less than 6 feet from you for a total of 15 minutes during your infectious period. This may be 15 or more minutes in a single interaction or a cumulative 15 minutes over multiple interactions during a 24-hour timeframe, regardless of whether you/they were wearing a mask. For contact notification purposes, your infectious period is from 48 hours before your symptoms started or you tested positive (whichever was first), until you isolate from others.
  • Notify your close contacts immediately after testing positive for COVID-19. You may wish to directly call or email close contacts. Alternatively, you can use the CDC recommended tool to anonymously send close contacts an email or text message.
  • As a close contact, they should follow the guidelines below for What Do I Do If I Was Exposed to Someone with COVID-19

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CDC COVID-19  Isolation Guidance

What is the legal authority for COVID control measures?

The COVID control measures are outlined in Indiana Code IC 16-41-2-1. Local jurisdictions may make rules that are more stringent than those laid out in the state code, but not less stringent. Rules can be made more stringent either through modification of the municipal health code, which requires City Council approval, or via Public Health Orders, which also requires City Council approval. The Fishers Health Department does not currently have any public health orders or mandates in place for COVID that differ from those outlined in the state code and guidance. 

Have Questions? Give us a call.

The Fishers Health Department maintains a COVID Hotline with well-trained professional staff to help answer your questions during business hours. You can call them at 317-595-3211. 

The Indiana State Department of Health utilizes 2-1-1 for all COVID-related questions.