Public Sewer System

Fishers Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and cleaning of the public storm sewer system that has been dedicated to Fishers. This includes most neighborhoods that have been annexed into Fishers, except for some neighborhoods around Geist Reservoir (under the operation and control of the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office).

Improvement Projects

Fishers also completes drainage improvement projects within the public right-of-way and performs general drainage inspections of private properties to assist residents with troubleshooting of private drainage issues. Fishers will not pay for private drainage improvements of backyard swales, private drain tiles, sump pump related issues, etc., but will provide an educated assessment of an issue after inspection if requested.

If a drainage-related issue is the result of a public storm sewer being broken or clogged, Fishers will clean or repair the storm sewer to resolve the issue.

Please contact Jason Armour, Stormwater Engineer, at 317-567-5056 or by email for questions.