City Hall & Arts Center

In the fall of 2021, the City of Fishers sought RFPQs for a new Arts & Municipal Complex after receiving engineering reports deeming the existing City Hall in dire need of millions of dollars of repairs due to foundational and mechanical failures. 

The primary goal of the project is to "provide a functional and beautiful community beacon that becomes a 'building for the people.'" Additional goals include: 

  • Elevate the Fishers arts community
  • Create a timeless aesthetic that invokes civic pride and looks to the future of Fishers
  • Create an open and inviting facility that expands and activates the site
  • Lead by example regarding sustainable design and operations

Project Details

  • The new Arts & Municipal Complex will be located at the existing site for City Hall, 1 Municipal Drive. Existing building demolition will occur in fall 2022.
  • The project has an estimated budget of $22.8 million, $6 million coming from American Rescue Plan Act funds. No additional or increased taxes will occur as a result of this investment. 
  • 3-story building featuring a large pedestrian breezeway in the center to facilitate access to the NPD AMP lawn and stage.
  • First floor: Fishers Arts Center operated in partnership with the Indianapolis Arts Center and Fishers Arts Center theater. 
  • Second and third floors: municipal staff offices
  • The facade features Indiana limestone, brick, and metal paneling with heavy usage of glass walls to showcase Fishers Arts Center activity and the inviting nature of the public building.
  • Meyer Najem will act as the construction manager with Delv Design as the architectural lead on the project. Landscape architecture is being managed by Browning Day. The theater space is designed and consulted on by Theater Projects. KBCO is advising on mechanicals and sustainability features. 

  1. Accessibility Features
  2. Sustainability Features
  • Gently sloped walk at the main entry
  • Variety of seating types and opportunities (backed benches, backless benches, benches with arms, loose/flexible tables and chairs, designated/open spots for wheelchairs next to benches)
  • Respite/Mother’s room (office and theatre)
  • Platform lift in the theatre control room
  • Adult changing tables
  • ALS in theatre
  • Gender-neutral restrooms in the Art Center
  • ADA showers in the theatre dressing rooms

Project Updates

June 2023 Updates

exterior construction of city hall
exterior construction of city hall
inside construction of city hall
inside construction of city hall

Project Timeline

May 2021Engineer's report and situation analysis presented to City Council during public Council retreat meeting. City staff receives direction to pursue options for a new construction building as opposed to conducting extensive repairs.
August 2021City staff publishes an RFPQ for an arts center and municipal office building.
September 2021RFPQ deadline and review of submissions.
October 2021City staff begins outreach and meetings with Fishers Arts & Culture Commission, Fishers Arts Council, and broader arts community stakeholders to determine market demands and desires. 
December 2021City of Fishers enters into a professional services contract with Meyer Najem and Delv Design to conduct a design scope.
January 2022City of Fishers signs Letter of Intent with Indianapolis Arts Center to begin assessing market demand, programming, and operational needs of the Fishers Arts Center.
April 2022City staff present a proposed financial model to Finance Committee for funding the new Arts & Municipal Complex

City staff present design plans and programming for the Arts & Municipal Complex to City Council and the public during City Council Work Session. 
August 2022 (tent.)City Hall operations transitioned to City Services Building
October 2022 (tent.)Demolition begins on City Hall site.
March 2024 (tent.)Arts & Municipal Complex opens to the public. 

Project Documentation


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