Stormwater Utility

The stormwater group is a subset of the Water Quality Division.  This group is responsible for stormwater and floodplain management in the city which includes the following key program areas:  

  • Municipal Separate Storm Sewer (MS4) Program Management
  • Site inspections and plan reviews of construction projects
  • Inspections and maintenance of BMP’s (stormwater filters)
  • Ownership and maintenance of 17,000 storm sewer pipes and 19,000 storm drains
  • Street sweeping 800 lane miles of streets (most public streets are swept 2 times per year)
  • MS4 public education programs
  • City owned stream restorations
  • City recycle days
  • Free Rain barrel program
  • Free Compost Tumbler program
  • Drainage inspections
  • Drainage easement permitting
  • Storm Sewer Tap Connection Permitting
  • Floodplain permits
  • Waterway Cleanups
  • Drainage, Rain Garden, and Floodplain Grants (Stormwater Grant)

The City of Fishers Stormwater program oversees several programs throughout the year to encourage sustainability, clean water, floodplain management, and water quality. See the headings and links below for these program details.

Ordinances, Plans, and Reports