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  • September 15th : Food & Beverage introduced to Finance Committee
  • September 19th : First Reading on Food & Beverage Ordinance
  • September 27th: Q&A Webinar with restaurants and bars
  • October 5th: Plan Commission Rezone Public Hearing
  • October 6th: Special City Council meeting for Food & Beverage Public Hearing
  • October 10th: Vote on Food & Beverage Ordinance

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage Tax - FAQs

Business Guide

Indiana Dept. of Revenue Food and Beverage Tax information

Food and Beverage Tax Webinar (Video 9/27/22)

Food and Beverage Tax (9/27/22) Presentation (PDF)


Traffic Study Executive Summary

Traffic Study full report

Adjacent Neighborhood Resources

Neighborhood FAQs

Neighborhood Meeting Webinar (Video 9/26/22)

Neighborhood Meeting (9/26) Presentation (PDF)