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  • Recognized as the 2018 Accelerating Indiana Municipalities (AIM) Green Community of the Year for population of 50,000 to 99,000 and a 2018 AIM Green Community 
  • Named as a Tree City USA for the past 10 years based on the community’s sound Urban Forestry Program and continued enhancement of the natural environment. 

Matching Grants

The City of Fishers offers a Vibrant Neighborhood Matching Grant to support neighborhood vibrancy in our community. Learn more.

Fishers also accepts applications for its Stormwater Grant, which awards funds to neighborhoods, non-profits, and homeowners within city limits as an incentive to improve local water quality and/or drainage function.

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Keep Fishers Beautiful 

Keep Fishers Beautiful (KFB), brings together residents, homeowner’s associations, local businesses, and organizations to support the vibrancy of the city and neighborhoods in the spring and fall. Learn how you can get involved with volunteer opportunities, neighborhood clean ups, and more.  

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Parks & Trail System 

From new ways to reduce your environmental footprint at the Fishers Farmers’ Market to cutting-edge stormwater initiatives, there are plenty of ways to help the environment and go green in Fishers.  

Fishers Trails allow residents to enjoy nature, stay fit, and protect the environment that serves as a pedestrian / bicyclist-oriented network of trails that link parks, neighborhoods, schools, the Municipal Complex, businesses, and other points of interest in the community. More than 131 miles are currently available for use. Learn more about sustainability in Fishers Parks and Trails. 

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DPW Sustainable Practices

To increase water quality and reduce chemical usage, Fishers Department of Public Works (DPW) created self-sustaining, eco-friendly ponds at Cyntheanne Park and the Nickel Plate District AMP that include underwater aeration systems, fisheries, and aquatic shoreline plantings. These elements supply better quality water to sports fields and turf, producing deeper, healthier root systems and thicker, more lush turf quality. 

Fishers DPW also has a turf management policy in which they switched fertilizer to use a product that sprays microorganisms into the turf that secrete positive nutrients into the soil, thus fertilizing the grass. 

Splash pads at Holland Park and Billericay Park and the fountain at the Pavilion at the Nickel Plate District AMP are eco-friendly, as well, utilizing a water recycling system that saves the city and environment approximately 100,000 gallons of water a day. 

a photo of a splash pad in the evening and the water is lit up different colors

Stormwater Management

Rainwater that falls on streets, parking lots, rooftops, and lawns often becomes polluted by automotive fluids, household chemicals, eroded soils, and lawn fertilizers before it enters the city’s storm sewer system through inlets. The Stormwater Management program helps educate the community about stormwater quality, clean up areas around streams and rivers, and to identify sources of pollution.

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Tree City USA

Fishers is a Tree City USA and is committed to sustaining a healthy urban canopy. For the past 10 years, The Arbor Day Foundation has awarded the City with this coveted honor based on the community’s sound urban forestry management, celebration of Arbor Day, Keep Fishers Beautiful, and continued enhancement of the natural environment.

The City of Fishers offers a Neighborhood Beautification Grant, which awards funds to neighborhoods, nonprofits, and homeowners within municipal limits as an incentive to plant trees and enhance the beauty of the community. Learn more about and apply for the Neighborhood Beautification Grant here.

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