Boards & Commissions

Fishers boards and commissions are a great way for citizens to get involved in their local community. These groups provide input and direction for the council on decisions that can impact Fishers for years to come. This participation from our residents is essential to maintaining our status as one of this country’s best places to live.

Apply for Boards & Commissions

The City of Fishers currently has several vacancies on boards and commissions. Interested residents can apply for the following open positions:

Impact Fee Review Board - The Board hears appeals from developers and builders relative to impact fees assessed to new or redevelopment projects. Impact fees are established to support road infrastructure and park facilities identified in the city zone improvement plan required as a result of a proposed project. For more information on this board click here. 

Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Committee – The Committee is responsible for determining the grant awards for the Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant program. The Fishers Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Program awards funds to older established neighborhoods within the city limits as an incentive to plan and complete beautification and enhancement projects. To learn more about this committee click here.

Board and Zoning Appeals – Fall Creek

The board is charged with the responsibility of hearing appeals, requests for variances to the land use zoning regulations of the city, and requests for conditional uses in the unincorporated area of Fall Creek Township which falls under Fishers Planning and Zoning jurisdiction. The board conducts public hearings for citizen input in order to make their decisions.

Economic Development Commission

The Fishers Economic Development Commission aims to sustain and grow Fishers’ economy by primarily focusing on business attraction, business retention and expansion, public relations and marketing, and finance and funding.

YMCA Branch Board

The YMCA Branch Board helps administer and manage the local Fishers YMCA

Fishers Art & Culture Commission

The City of Fishers Common Council established The Commission with the purpose to “assist the City in becoming a community in which arts and cultural activities are recognized as vital components of community life, valued and promoted for their economic benefits, and represent and integral part of establishing a vibrant community and lifelong learning”. The Arts & Culture Commission is the nexus between the local government and the residents of the city, bridging the public and private partnership. 

Hamilton County Alcoholic Beverage Commission

The Hamilton County Alcoholic Beverage Commission is responsible for reviewing alcoholic beverage permits in Hamilton County.

Plan Commission

The commission is charged with the responsibility of guiding the development of the community by preparing a comprehensive plan including a land use plan, land use zoning and subdivision regulation, ordinances, park and recreation plan, thoroughfare plan, community facilities plan and a capital improvements plan for reviewing and approving subdivision plats and advising the City Council relative to Land Use Zoning issues.

Police Merit Commission

Commission shall consist of five Commissioners appointed in the following manner: two, who shall be members of different political parties, appointed by the Mayor; one appointed by the City Council; and two, who shall be members of different political parties, elected by the career police officers eligible to vote for such Commissioners as defined by state law.

Public Works & Safety Board

The Public Works and Safety Board Pursuant to IC 36-4-9-6, is comprised of three (3) members appointed by the Mayor. A member may hold other appointive positions in city government during the member’s tenure. IC 36-4-11-2 applies to board member appointments under this section. The Mayor shall appoint a clerk for the board. Members of the Board must reside within the municipal boundaries of the City of Fishers

Nickel Plate Review Committee

The purpose of the Nickel Plate Review Committee is to aid in the review and approval of projects within the newly-created Nickel Plate District and the City Center Residential Zoning District. Per the Nickel Plate District Code Section 8, Administration, the Nickel Plate Review Committee reviews projects proposed for development or redevelopment that meet a certain threshold for size, intensity or density as detailed by the Code. The Committee reviews the proposal’s design, architecture, materials, compatibility with surrounding development, and pedestrian and vehicular circulation. The Committee also has the ability to review and approve waivers from the standards of the Nickel Plate District Code, per the procedures set forth in the Code (See Nickel Plate District Code section 8.2.10).

Planned Unit Development Committee (PUD) / River Place PUD Committee

The Planned Unit Development Committee is charged with the final review of all Planned Unit Development Project plans.

Redevelopment Authority

The authority is responsible for Financing, constructing, and leasing local public improvements to the commission, and financing and constructing additional improvements to local public improvements owned by the authority and leasing them to the commission.

Redevelopment Commission 

The Fishers Redevelopment Commission reviews redevelopment proposals for underdeveloped areas within city limits. They also consider authorization of Tax Increment Financing (TIF) districts.

Applications for open board and commission positions will be posted until filled. 

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Interested residents can submit an application to participate on any board and commission throughout the year. 

Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Kari Adriano at 317-595-3111.