Hazardous Materials Emergencies & Disposals

Hazardous Materials Emergencies

Be Prepared

  • Know ahead of time how you can be alerted to local emergencies.
  • Teach your family how to evacuate or shelter-in-place.
  • Be aware of where hazardous materials are handled, stored or transported near you.
  • Pay attention to labels on the sides of chemical containers and trucks.

React Quickly

  • If you witness a hazardous materials release, report it immediately by calling 911.
  • If you hear a warning signal or siren, turn on your television or radio for emergency information. Follow all instructions carefully.
  • If asked to evacuate or shelter-in-place, do so immediately.
  • Do not enter the area contaminated by the hazardous material or cloud, and avoid any contact with it.
  • If the hazardous material gets on you or you inhale it, you are exposed.
  • Try to keep a safe distance from others so you don't contaminate more people.
  • If you can get the material off by removing clothing or brushing it off, do that immediately.
  • Try to be mindful of where you put contaminated clothing. If you wash off the chemical, be careful where the water goes.
  • After a Hazardous Materials Emergency:
  • Do not return to the evacuated area until authorities say it is safe.
  • Persons or property exposed to hazardous materials may be contaminated.
  • Do not eat any food that was exposed to a hazardous material.
  • Follow decontamination instructions given by authorities to clean up property or the environment.

Hazardous Materials Disposal

Properly Dispose of Hazardous Materials