Have a Plan

Families can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and working together as a team. You can do this by making a family disaster plan, getting basic emergency training, and assembling an emergency kit full of essential supplies, which will help you endure an evacuation or home confinement.

Make a Family Disaster Plan

  • Identify escape routes from your home. Find two ways out of each room.
  • Find safe spots in your home especially for tornadoes and shelter-in-place.
  • Pick two places to meet: Right outside your home in case of a sudden emergency (like a fire) and outside your neighborhood if you can't return home.
  • Pick a family contact in another state who everyone can contact if separated in an emergency.
  • Conduct emergency drills once a year.
  • Make plans for your pets if you need to evacuate.

Get Basic Emergency Training

  • Take classes on first aid and CPR.
  • Teach your family how and when to call 911 and how to use fire extinguishers.
  • Learn how and when to turn utilities off. Teach all age-appropriate family members. Keep necessary tools near gas and water shut-off valves.