Alarm Systems

The City of Fishers maintains an alarm ordinance that requires homes and businesses with security/fire alarm systems to have an alarm permit application on file with the police department. The purpose of the permit is to accurately track contact information for the owners of these structures, help reduce the number of false fire and security alarms, and ensure that emergency alarm systems function properly. By reducing responses to false alarms, duty officers are available to respond to other calls for service.

The alarm permit has a $30 fee for a three-year term, and is assigned to the property, so it is transferable if there are owner changes; permits are not transferable between properties. For existing permit holders, renewal applications are mailed roughly a month in advance of your expiration date. Please update the police department of any changes in contact information on the renewal form, or mid-term in the permit’s life if there are ownership changes.

Alarm permits can be paid in person at the Fishers Police Department, by check through the mail or online. To pay online use the following link: Online Alarm Application/Payment

The police and fire department respond to every reported alarm. In order to reduce responses of false alarms, the police department requires your alarm monitoring company to use Enhanced Call Verification. Learn more about the new Enhanced Call Verification requirements and fines.

The ordinance grants 3 false alarms over the previous 12 month period. If there are more than seven false alarms within that same 12 month period, you will be required to appear before the Fishers City Court Judge for fee assessment with your eighth violation. For more information, view Title XI, Chapter 111 of the Fishers Code of Ordinances.