Mental Health Task Force

In 2014, after learning of 157 immediate detentions by Fishers Police Department on individuals who expressed a desire to hurt themselves or someone else, Mayor Scott Fadness recognized a need for a coordinated strategy to address mental health concerns within our community. The City of Fishers took a thoughtful, smart approach to developing an action plan with clear objectives and measurable goals. View the 2015 Mental Health Report and the 2017 Mental Health Report online.

The Fishers community has pledged to create a stigma free city in which residents will support each other, commit to learning more about mental illness and wellness, and get help. Learn more about Stigma Free Fishers and find mental health resources for yourself and loved ones.

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Recommendations for Education & Training

Recommendation One: Develop an education program for Fishers Police Department and Fishers Fire Department 

A standard training program for Fishers public safety officials will ensure that all public safety personnel are equipped to respond to mental health calls in an appropriate manner. Community Health Network will provide technical assistance.

Recommendation Two: Quarterly audit/review of mental health runs to see what can be learned

Recommendation Three: Enhance the City’s partnerships with behavioral health providers

The City of Fishers will continue to identify ways to partner and collaborate with mental health providers serving the citizens of Fishers. For example, a plan will be developed to leverage Community Health Network’s robust continuum of behavioral health and primary care services. In addition, the City of Fishers should work to understand how our community can reap the fullest benefit from Aspire Indiana.

Recommendation Four: Develop systemic comprehensive plan for the schools

School officials should be trained to identify mental health issues to ensure that students are given the opportunity to receive necessary help/treatment for mental health issues. See Appendix A for Hamilton Southeastern Schools Mental Health Comprehensive Plan.

Recommendation Five: Develop a youth training plan for public safety departments

Identify common training program to be used consistently across Fishers’ public safety departments.

Recommendation Six: Develop community-wide communications campaign

A community wide communications campaign will bring awareness to the growing mental health issue in our community and encourage a public conversation with hopes of lessening the stigma surrounding mental health issues. 

Recommendations for Resources & Access

Recommendation One: Remodel community paramedicine program to include protocol for mental health calls

Fishers Fire and Emergency Services department has successfully reduced hospital readmission of congestive heart failure patients by providing direct follow-up through a new community paramedicine program in conjunction with Community Health Network. The task force hopes to replicate this program to ensure mental health patients receive appropriate follow-up care and support.

Recommendation Two: Develop Intensive Care Coordination program for youth

Community Health Network is creating an Intensive Care Coordination pilot program for youth discharged from its mental health inpatient services. Youth will have an Intensive Care Coordinator when they leave the hospital to support follow-up care. Community Health Network is interested in working with the staff at Hamilton Southeastern Schools and Fishers public safety officials to promote a successful transition after a mental health hospitalization.

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