Municipal Budgets

2020 City Budget Timeline

The 2020 City budget will be presented to Finance Committee and City Council Work Session in August with the Public Hearing held during the September City Council meeting on Monday, September 16 at 7 p.m. at Fishers City Hall.

2018 Municipal Budget Proposed

In 2017, Mayor Fadness presented the first draft of the 2018 budget to City Council. The total budget comes in at just over $90 million dollars with an anticipated $16 million dollars in cash reserves, and a $3 million dollar surplus over the 2017 budget. As the state’s only AAA bond-rated city, this year’s budget includes a strong commitment to investment in the community in the form of the city's public safety departments, infrastructure improvements, and personnel.

The growth in Fishers over the past several decades has increased the demand for additional City personnel to support the safety and needs of Fishers residents. The City of Fishers remains dedicated to operating at the highest level of personnel efficiency, however in order to meet the demands of the community the proposed budget allows for the hire of three additional sworn police officers, three additional firefighters, and eight civilian employees. Additionally, in an effort to stay competitive for top talent, the City has allocated a portion of the general fund to provide a 5% increase in compensation for all City employees.

Aside from efficient City operations, reliable and smart infrastructure is key for any vibrant community. A significant amount of the 2018 budget is dedicated to infrastructure projects throughout Fishers in an effort to maintain and improve roadway and sidewalk access. Stormwater and sewer infrastructure investments will bring new construction, upgrades, and maintenance throughout the city. And investment in trails and pathways throughout the City continues to be a priority for the City’s infrastructure budget. Details on current and upcoming infrastructure projects are available on the Drive Fishers page.

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Past Municipal Budgets