Does the City offer Notary Public services?

The City of Fishers is happy to assist residents with complimentary notary services. To expedite transactions, please call to schedule an appointment at 317-595-3111. Additionally, please bring the following with you at the time of the appointment:

  • the entire document including the signature page
  • only the person(s) who is to sign the document; due to COVID-19, please do not bring other individuals who will not be signing
  • extra copy of the entire document
  • Original state or federally issued identification. Examples include a drivers license, state issued ID card, or passport. No photocopies are accepted.

Please understand that Notaries are not licensed to give legal advice. You may be advised to seek legal guidance and/or asked to return with more documentation before the notarization can occur. We recommend the signing party carefully review the documentation in advance of the appointment to become familiar and comfortable with its contents. Seek legal guidance when necessary. While it is not very likely, Notaries reserve the right not to notarize any documents if they determine there is just cause to do so.

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1. Does the City offer Notary Public services?