What happens on your day in court?
It is very important that you arrive in court on the day and time stated on your ticket, summons, subpoena, or court notice. You must check in with the court bailiff when you arrive. If you arrive late, or if your name is not called, you should notify court personnel immediately. You may also wish to check the court calendar posted at the entrance to the courtroom to see if your matter is listed.

All electronic devices must be turned off. Electronic devices may not be turned on and set to vibrate. Any person using an electronic device will have it confiscated during court proceedings.

At the beginning of the court session, the judge will give an opening statement explaining court procedures, defendants' rights and penalties. The judge or bailiff will then call each defendant individually and ask them to admit, deny or plead no contest to charge. If the person admits or pleads no contest, the judge will listen to their explanation and enter the appropriate fine and court costs. If the defendant denies the allegations, the court will not hear any explanation at that time but will set the case for a contested trial where all parties have the opportunity to be present and be heard.

At a trial, each side has the opportunity to present evidence by the testimony of witnesses and presentation of documents, photographs and diagrams. Each side has the opportunity to ask questions of the opposing witnesses. Once the judge has heard the testimony, he or she will decide if the defendant has committed the violation, has not committed the violation, or if the case should be dismissed. If the defendant is found to have committed the violation, the judge will impose the appropriate fine and costs. If the judge finds that the defendant did not commit the violation or that the case should be dismissed, no judgment is entered against the defendant and no fine or costs of any kind are imposed.

All City Court proceedings are tape recorded. Please remain quiet. The length of time you will be in court depends on many things. Some cases take longer than others. So, please be patient.

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