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Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant Application

  1. Overview

    Fishers is committed to promoting water quality and adequate drainage to enhance the quality of life in our community. An important part of this effort is planting native plants, installing rain gardens and other water quality related practices, and improving drainage function of properties through maintenance or new drainage improvements such as swale re-grading, drain tile installation, or proper sump pump management. Fishers recognizes that most drainage related improvements fall to the individual property owners to address, but this is a way that the City can assist.

  2. Fishers accepts applications for its Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant Program, which awards funds to neighborhoods, non-profits, and homeowners within city limits as an incentive to improving local water quality and/or drainage function (see application for more program details).

  3. Applicants are eligible for up to a 50% match from Fishers up to the maximum program funding available within a given year. Applications are accepted January 1 through October 31.

  4. The purpose of this grant program is to provide the applicants that qualify within city limits an incentive to plan and complete drainage and water quality improvement projects. These projects are aimed at improving water quality and drainage within the community to provide a cleaner and safer environment for the residents. While many areas are acceptable for application, Fishers is mainly interested in providing grants for projects that are associated with several properties or can be managed by an HOA to provide benefits for multiple residents. For example, a rear yard drainage project to solve a problem that may affect multiple property owners would be a strongly considered project.

  5. Project Requirements

    Projects should be placed on private property or in common areas and not within the public right-of-way. Water quality projects should be constructed and designed outside of the flow line of the drainage swale when possible to avoid possible ponding, etc. within the swale. Some projects may include both drainage and water quality aspects, but the flow line of the swale should still not be impeded. Projects that involve multiple property owners should also be submitted along with project approval in writing from each property owner in letter format. Applicants assume all risk associated with the possibility of creating additional drainage problems by project installations and shall be responsible for remedying any drainage problems created by or damage resulting from their project and any costs associated with such remedy. Projects including drain tile installations require City inspection for connections to the public drainage system. Tile connections shall be core drilled and grouted with water safe grout with no more than one (1) inch of the tile protruding into the structure or mainline pipe.

  6. Applicants must submit a completed application including a location map and design drawing/plan clearly demonstrating the project location and construction elements. Construction elements such as project area, required amended soils, native plants types and locations, water quality feature depth and profile, drainage tile depth and location, backfill requirements, grading plan, etc. are required. The review committee will review all applications and make recommendations to the Board of Public Works for approval. Those applicants that are approved will be notified. After completion of the project, the applicant must submit a request for reimbursement and proof of completion to obtain the grant funding. Proof shall be in the form of applicable receipts and photos of the project during and after construction.

  7. All projects must comply with the Fishers Stormwater Management Resolution and Construction Specifications Documents and the Floodplain Management Chapters of the Unified Development Ordinance.

  8. Grant Making Policy

    (1) Priority is given to projects which are expected to have the greatest positive effect on multiple residents or properties. The target groups for this grant are Fishers neighborhood homeowner associations acting on behalf of multiple residents and/or groups of residents with a unified drainage or water quality goal.

  9. (2) This grant will be a matching grant and will require that a neighborhood association, dues paying neighborhood organization, non-profit, or individual homeowner participate in a portion of the project funding. The amount awarded will be paid directly to the applicant. Applicants do not need to have an Internal Revenue Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status. Subdivisions, as opposed to entire developments, must apply individually. However, if a project(s) exists that would benefit several neighborhoods; then the respective applicants may apply in a joint application taking care to specify that such is a joint application.

  10. (3) Grants are given for specific purposes and will not be awarded to provide annual operating expenses. The dollars are to be used towards costs of a project which involves design or construction costs. If a grant is funded, the applicant must wait for a period of not less than two years to reapply for funding. Projects which have not been funded in the past will be given priority.

  11. (4) Grants will be competitive and will be awarded on the basis of quality of the project.

  12. (5) Grants are made with the understanding that Fishers is in no way obligated to provide further financial assistance to ensure that a project is completed. However, projects will not be reimbursed until sufficient proof is obtained of project completion.

  13. (6) Fishers will disburse the awarded amount to the organization (not the contractor) upon proof of payment of the organization’s cost and proof of completion of the project. To provide proof of payment, please submit all substantiating documentation in this regard such as paid receipts, cancelled checks, bank statements showing payment, etc. To provide proof of completion you will need to submit photos of the completed work. Finally, to receive your reimbursement check you must include the mailing address. All this information must be sent to Fishers Public Works Department, Attn: Stormwater at 10210 Eller Road, Fishers, IN 46038, or The request for reimbursement and proof of project completion must be made by November 1st of the same year that you received your matching grant.

  14. (7) Grant project funding may not exceed 50% of the total cost of the project. If the funding from Fishers and the portion provided for by the receiving applicant is not sufficient to complete the project, then the receiving applicant is responsible for raising the difference. The intent of this grant is not to completely fund projects, but to assist with as many quality projects as possible throughout the community.

  15. (8) Grants are subject to the availability of funds in the Fishers budget.

  16. (9) Grants are subject to the applicant substantiating the grant match portion by bank statements, etc.

  17. Grant Selection Criteria

    Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant applicants must meet program criteria or their application will be rejected. In reviewing grant applications, Fishers gives careful consideration to:

  18. (1) The potential impact of the grant and the benefit from the project (i.e. provide benefit to multiple property owners, or solve a significant isolated issue).

  19. (2) Ability of the project to treat water or effectively improve drainage function.

  20. (3) The extent of support from all affected property owners

  21. (4) Quality of the application package submitted.

  22. (5) The commitment and capacity of the applicant to carry out the program or project to completion and to give an accounting of how the money was spent.

  23. (6) The applicant’s fiscal responsibility and management qualifications.

  24. (7) The amount of matching dollars that the applicant has and is willing to contribute.

  25. Project Evaluation Process

    The project evaluation process will be conducted by the Department of Public Works review committee. The administration of the project will remain with the Department of Public Works-Water Quality Division. The evaluation will be scored on a 100 point system at the discretion of the review committee, being divided into the following categories:

  26. (1) Significance of Project – This will be an evaluation of the impact a project is making, i.e. how big of an issue is it solving (25 points possible).

  27. (2) Number of Properties Improved – Number of residents affected (25 points possible).

  28. (3) Feasibility of Project – How realistic are the goals of the project and can it be constructed without creating other issues (25 points possible)?

  29. (4) Project Value – Is the project cost effective (10 points)?

  30. (5) Other Funding Grants – Has other grant funding been secured by the applicant (10 points)?

  31. (6) Water Quantity and Quality Benefits – Does the project provide both drainage and water quality benefits (5 points)?

  32. Applicant Information

  33. Please enter "Individual' if you are an individual. If you are an individual you may be required to confidentially provide your social security number at a later date.

  34. Attachments and Submissions

  35. Not to exceed 50% of the total project costs.

  36. Map should show location of proposed project and final drainage outlet point

  37. Budget should include a detailed breakdown of all costs and revenues providing a justification for amount requested (must be in spreadsheet form)

  38. Please upload any other additional documents you would like to include in your application.

  39. Please upload any other additional documents you would like to include in your application.

  40. Sign and Submit

  41. Agreement of Terms & Electronic Signature

    By checking the box below and submitting the application, you are acknowledging the truthfulness of your answers and further certifying that checking the box counts as an electronic signature and agreeing to the terms and requirements of the Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant Program herein. Your electronic signature is considered legally binding the same as signing your physical signature by hand (IC 26-2-8).

  42. Questions?

    Questions regarding the application process may be directed to Fishers Department of Public Works at (317) 595-3160 or via email at

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