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Hometown Help for Heroes

  1. Official Deployment Orders
    Please bring Official Deployment Orders to the Engineering Department in City Hall for brief review & confirmation. Please contact Gerry Hepp at 317-595-3316.
  2. The City of Fishers (“City”) recognizes the reality that several of our family, friends and neighbors are deployed to serve our country’s armed forces to ensure our country’s safety, freedom, and individual liberties. The City recognizes that these selfless commitments provide hardships to families of those serving. The Hometown Help for Heroes program (“Program”) has been developed to marshal the community’s public and private resources in order to alleviate the practical burdens that families of deployed servicemen and servicewomen will face. The Program will provide snow removal and lawn care services (“Services”) to eligible families for the duration of deployment. Eligible families include those who can demonstrate that at least one of the heads of household are currently deployed serving a branch of our country’s armed forces and not living at their residence in Fishers. The Program will provide snow removal (driveway and sidewalks) to Eligible families within 24 hours after the completion of a snow event accumulating two or more inches (2”). Moreover, the Program will provide lawn care services (mowing and trimming) to Eligible families on an as needed basis. In consideration for participation in the Program, the undersigned hereby agrees to allow the City of Fishers, its respective officers, agents, officials, employees, its subcontractors or agents, to enter upon the Applicant’s Property to perform the Services. Applicant hereby agrees to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City of Fishers and its respective officers, agents, officials, and employees for any and all forms of property-based claims, demands, liability, suits, damages, and judgments that arise or may arise as a result of the Services being performed. Eligibility will be reviewed on an annual basis for the duration of the Program. Eligible families are encouraged to keep the City up to date with information regarding their participation in the Program. For questions regarding the administration of the Program, please contact Gerry Hepp at 317-595-3316 or The undersigned certifies that the information entered above is true and accurate.
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